Sedico will help you to manage and to reduce your overhead costs.

We check, analyze and process all your specific location costs with our efficient and pragmatic approach. Sedico offers a customized service package for your company, that enables you to focus on your core business.

Your organization has significant overhead costs that cannot be ignored: business rates, energy costs, waste collection, rent and service charges.

In particular a multisite company is confronted with diverse legislation and an excessive amount of invoices. It is a costly and time consuming activity to keep under control.

Thanks to our experience and the management of more than 40,000 locations within Europe, we have gained valuable market information.  As a result we can achieve significant cost benefits for your company.


We are always looking for professionally qualified staff. Vistra offers an industry-leading package of benefits as well as Global opportunities, and will support staff at all levels in gaining qualifications and promotions throughout the organisation.

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